Banasura Hill Resort

Banasura Hill Resort

Banasura Hill Resort, a luxury resort located in wayanad right in the middle of this designated world heritage site is tucked away at an altitude of 3500 feet above sea level and spread across 35 acres of verdant terrain where you can experience the thrill of living close to the wonders of nature. Set against the backdrop of the mist-clad Banasura Hill, this luxurious resort is inspired by the building craft adopted by the ancient Mesopotamian era where rammed earth methods are used for constructing all the living spaces. It gives the varied rooms within the resort not only an aura of rustic, yet sophisticated elegance, but also the thermal energy of the earth is skilfully and imaginatively deployed to store both warmth and coolness while balancing the diurnal fluctuations in temperatures throughout the year.

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Banasura Hill Resort
Wayanad, KL 670731
Phone: +91-4935-277900 / 01 / 02 / 03
Mobile: +91-9539701352
Fax: +91-4935-277777

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