Edukrit is an internship and industrial trainng divison of WebKrit Infocom. WebKrit Infocom is an IT company which is providing innovative and high end solutions to their clients across the world. WebKrit Infocom started their internship and industrial training division to share their thoughts and provide their guidance to newbees/freshers about IT related Technical Question for development in various subjects. Concept and Logic is based on programming methodology for different technologies. On this website you can easily understand the concept of any topic and by the implementation part of that topic you can easily understand the logic. Each and every methodology was introduced to solve any problem in programming world. So, there exists a concept, which was introduced to solve and handle that problem.

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Internship Division oF WebKrit Infocom, Near ICICI Bank, N K Sharma Road, 200 meters Ahead
Mohali , PN 140603
Mobile: +91-8288033282

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