Volvo keen to expand footprint in UP, launches dealership in Lucknow

Volvo keen to expand footprint in UP, launches dealership in Lucknow

Swedish luxury carmaker Volvo is looking to expandits footprint in Uttar Pradesh.

The company launched its dealership in Lucknow, the first one in UP. The company has cities like Kanpur and Varanasi on its radar for prospective expansion plans.

“Although nothing has been finalised, we are keen to expand our footprint in these cities, depending upon the kind of response we get from this region in near future,” Volvo Auto India managing director Tom von Bonsdorff told Business Standard here in Lucknow.

“This region already has the presence of all major luxury car brands operating in India and it was time that Volvo also marked its presence here,” he added.

Bonsdorff said the carmaker was aiming at 10 per cent of the luxury car market in the UP market this fiscal. So far, Volvo had been serving the state customers through its dealership based in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Over the last few years, Lucknow region has caught the fancy of foreign luxury carmakers with top names like Mercedes, BMW and Audi launching their dealerships and clocking promising sales figures.

In near future, Volvo is expanding to Ludhiana and Calicut. It entered the India market in 2007.

During 2015 and 2016 calendar, the company clocked sales of about 1,400 and 1,600 cars respectively and in the current calendar year, Volvo is targeting sales of 2,000 units, he informed.