Bank of Baroda underreported bad loans by Rs 5,250 cr in FY19: RBI report

Bank of Baroda underreported bad loans by Rs 5,250 cr in FY19: RBI report

Government-owned Bank of Baroda has reported a Rs 5,250-crore divergence in the calculation of bad loans for the 2018-19 financial year.

The Reserve Bank of India's (RBI's) assessment of its gross non-performing assets (NPAs) for the year is Rs 75,174 crore. Against this, the bank had reported GNPAs of Rs 69,924 crore, it told the BSE exchange. All figures are for the recently amalgamated entity, wherein Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank were merged with BoB.

After the disclosure, BoB's share price fell by 3.3 per cent to Rs 98.9 on Wednesday. Net NPAs assessed by the RBI for FY19 are Rs 29,045 crore, as compared to BoB's own calculation of Rs 23,795 crore. The provisioning BoB had made on its balance sheet for NPAs were Rs 46,001 crore for the year; RBI says this has to be Rs 50,091 crore, an additional Rs 4,090 crore.

The bank has said of this Rs 4,090 crore divergence, it had already made a provision of Rs 1,475 crore in the current financial year. Leaving an additional impact of Rs 2,615 crore. Consequently, the adjusted net loss for FY19 is Rs 10,998 crore, in place of the earlier reported net loss of Rs 8,339 crore.

In recent months, there have been several instances of under-reporting of bad loans by lenders, prompting regulatory action by the central bank.

Last month, the capital markets regulator, Sebi, had said disclosures in respect of divergence and provisioning are in the nature of material events and, hence, necessitate immediate disclosure.

Further, this information is price-sensitive, requiring prompt disclosure by a listed entity. It has asked banks listed on the stock exchanges to make disclosure of divergences and provisioning beyond a specified threshold as soon as reasonably possible and not later than 24 hours upon receipt of RBI’s Final Risk Assessment Report.