Pochampally Sarees

Pochampally Sarees

Established in the year 2000, we have eventually progressed manufacturing high quality textiles. The captivation for Pochampally sarees allowed villages like Ghattuppal, Puttapaka, Tanguturu, Aleru, Bachanapeta, Yellamla, Vadicharla, Koyyalagudam, Yellanki, and Siripuram engage in weaving fabrics. With an experience of about two decades; we have been producing top grade Pochampally sarees.Pochampally Sarees & Ikkat or ikat Sarees are manufactured in 20 villages in and across Ghattuppal, Puttapaka, Sanguturu, Aleru, Bachanapeta, Yellamla, Vadicharla, Koyyalagudam, Yellanki, and Siripuram, etc. Among the sarees we manufacture in various villages mentioned above, the sarees manufactured in Ghattuppal have received many national awards. The accolades we received for Ghattuppal sarees is unknown to majority of people because of our brand name as “Pochampally”.Our main aim is to make people aware of our wide – spread manufacturing business propagated across these villages.

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Pochampally Sarees
H.No. 4-9-421/1, Plot No. 119, Krishnaveni Hospital Back Side, 3rd Left West RTC Colony
Hyderabad , TS 500070
Mobile: +91-9848681184

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